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Today everyone got together at Pa’s house to, well, just be together, I guess. Ordinarily, my Aunt Ervie has a cook-out at her house on the Fourth of July, but today, everyone came here. No cookout, but an awful lot of food! The house doesn’t look the same without Pa sitting on the porch…

Pa's House

Earlier today I ran to the grocery store in Stuart and past the little diner where Pa ate almost every day…I don’t think there was anyone in this town who didn’t know him.

Stuart Family Restaurant

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    We still meet on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s. It is definitely not the same, but it gives us the opportunity to talk about Dad and Mom. When Mom died in ’88, I did not have that opportunity because we lived in Orange Park and now I realize how much I missed and how much it helps to laugh and talk with family who are going through the same grieving process you are. Haven’t been able to go to Stuart Family yet, but we will soon. Thank you, Jody!



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