My sons, Nick and Neil, were born about three years apart. On the day they were born, I bought a bottle of liquor: a bottle of Crown Royal for Nick and a bottle of Bacardi Gold Reserve for Neil. Now you might think I did this to celebrate their births, and I did, certainly, but it was really about celebrating their lives. My dream was to one day present the bottle to them and drink a toast to their success. So, for more than 20-years, I’ve cared for these bottles, and literally carried them around the world, in anticipation of that special day.

Well, I finally had the opportunity to give them the bottles and celebrate that special day. I’m very proud to say that Nick and Neil are getting married to a couple of great girls; Nick will be marrying Danielle and Neil will be marrying Rachel, and Cindy and I are delighted they’ll be joining our family!

I was very happy to be with them recently and to toast their engagements with the bottles I bought on the days they were born.

Nick and Danielle and Neil and Rachel…

Nick and Danielle Neil and Rachel

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