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Summer is in full swing as we hit the water again. Today, the boys got some practice driving the boat! Both did exceptionally well, and look like naturals behind the wheel…

Captain Adam Captain Alex

We had planned to head up the St John’s to have lunch at the Jacksonville Landing, but on the way we encountered a family whose boat was dead in the water. We had just passed under the Buckman Bridge and saw a man waving his arms in distress. I turned our boat in his direction and came up alongside his boat. He explained that his engine had just stopped and asked for a tow to his slip at Doctor’s Lake (which was back the way we came). So, he threw me a line and I tied it off to the back of the boat, then turned back under the Buckman. When we arrived at the marina, we helped him tie-off to the dock and then said our farewells. They we very appreciative and offered some cash, but we refused. After all, it’s not like we had any hard-and-fast plans for the day, and this was really a bit of an adventure.

Anyway, instead of heading back up the river to Jax, we decided to head down Doctor’s Lake to have lunch at Whitey’s Fish Camp. We love Whitey’s! The food is great and the boys always get a kick out of docking at a restaurant to eat.

Leaving Whitey’s…

Leaving Whiteys

Once out on the open water again, the boys once again took the wheel, and Cindy and I just kicked-back and enjoyed the ride.

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It’s a crisp October morning. The boys are in school. A perfect day for a little Mom and Dad time on the water…


Part of the reason for today’s voyage (other than just some alone time) is to provide a little “Boating 101” to Cindy. So, we spend a couple of hours with navigation and docking before we head over to Whitey’s Fish Camp for lunch.

Cindy drives the boat Cindy ties the boat

Great job, and not as easy as it looks. It’s just like parallel parking only the road is moving, too!

Cindy docks the boat

Lesson over! Now, it’s off to Whitey’s and some great catfish!!

Me and Cindy

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