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Okay, so Adam was playing soccer in the street with a neighborhood friend and a perfectly kicked ball broke the spigot off the water pipe in front of the house sending water spraying down the driveway.

Busted Pipe

What a site! Several neighbors came to help and we soon discover this pipe is in front of the water cut-off to the house, so we do a mad search for the city’s cut-off at the street. Long story short, we fond it and got the water turned-off. Honestly, I’m not sure why this pipe even had a spigot attached to it. This is the pipe from the street to the water softener, which then feeds into the house. A spigot was added as an afterthought.

Busted Pipe

Anyway, the repair was pretty simple and the pipe has been returned to it’s original (intended) state. In retrospect, I should’ve installed a cut-off, as well. I hope this doesn’t come back to bite me one day! 😛

Fixed Pipe

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