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So, it’s Day 2 of our long Disney weekend and today we took in one of the water parks: Typhoon Lagoon…

Typhoon Lagoon Entrance

We’ve never taken advantage of Disney’s water parks before, so this year I included them in our annual passes. I’m glad I did because we had a blast! That was, of course, after we were through taking pictures…

Entering Typhoon Lagoon Entering Typhoon Lagoon

and a couple more…

Typhoon Lagoon Entrance

One with a frame…

Typhoon Lagoon Entrance

And finally, the FISH HEAD…

Typhoon Lagoon Entrance

So, we F-I-N-A-L-L-Y get to the beach and set-up our chairs…


then we hit the pool…and not just ANY pool, it’s one of the world’s largest outdoor wave pools! It actually knocked me down and carried me several feet! We LOVED it!

Boys at Typhoon Lagoon Typhoon Lagoon

Mom and Alex

Dad and the boys

There were also several waterslides, one was family sized and we all road in it together. Alex was especially fond of this one…he liked it so much we had to ride it twice!

Big Raft

We actually closed-down the water park!

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The summer is on the downhill side and the boys are enjoying a day at the water park. Alex awaits with great anticipation (and preparation given the positioning of his hands on his head) for the water to fill the bucket to the point where it tips and rains its contents down on him…

Alex waits for a splash

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What better way to relax and unwind after a morning of hard-hitting soccer play? A visit to the water park. This is always a treat for the boys.

Adam is always quick to make a splash!

Adam makes a splash Adam makes a splash

Alex, who usually shies away from all the splashing, preferring the tranquility and calm water of the grown-up pool, felt rather adventurous today!

Alex makes a splash Alex makes a splash

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