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It’s been quite a year with a lot of changes and it’s good to go home. Funny. I haven’t lived here since I was 10-years-old, but after all these years, I still call it “home”. Mom and Dad are from this area, and moved back up here about 30-years ago. Over the years, we’ve spent time visiting in the Spring and Summer or around the Holidays. As we approach the house, John Denver’s song, “Country Roads,” comes to mind.

Home for the Holidays

Mom and Dad built this house on top of a hill on 10-acres of land.

Home for the Holidays

The trees are so thick you can’t see it from the road, even when all the leaves have fallen.

Home for the Holidays Home for the Holidays
Home for the Holidays Home for the Holidays

The boys are happy to be here and Charlie is ecstacic!

Home for the Holidays Home for the Holidays

Early this morning, Dad and I road into town so he could check his mail. This old Post Office hasn’t changed much. I remember the painting on the wall from when I was a kid.

Home for the Holidays

Right across the street from the Post Office is the Courthouse and standing out front is a statue of the town’s namesake, Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart.

Home for the Holidays

“Quaint” doesn’t begin to describe the little town of Stuart, Virginia.

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Nana and Pop wanted to wait until the boys arrived to put-up the Christmas tree. But first, we have to cut down the tree, which means a visit to the tree farm. Once there, the boys are given a mission: Locate the Christmas tree…

Christmas Tree

Finally, among the hundreds of trees lining these hills, we find the perfect tree…

Christmas Tree

And with the pull of the cord and a quick swipe with the chainsaw, Pop cuts down our Christmas tree. The boys are pretty proud of themselves

Christmas Tree

Now, we’re gonna meet Mom and Nana for breakfast! Then Mom and Nana can decorate the tree 😉

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After a great 4th of July weekend with the grandkids, the boys and I are taking a road trip to Virginia to visit the grandparents (and great grandpa!). We arrived yesterday and after a good night’s sleep, headed-up the Blue Ridge Parkway for some breakfast at Mabrey Mill. We come here often when we’re visiting the family. It’s a great drive up the mountain and the scenery is breathtaking…

Mabry Mill

and the obligatory family-in-front-of-the-old-mill picture is…


They used to make molasses, apple butter, and cornmeal using the old farm methods, but in recent years, the health department said they couldn’t do it any more because it wasn’t “safe”. Of course, it had been done this way for more than 100-years…well, anyway.

You can still see inside the working mill…

Inside the Wheel House

and learn about moonshine, blacksmithing, weaving cotton, and playing checkers with little corncob checkers…

Checkers Checkers

and best of all, to stroll down memory lane remembering the boys first visit to Mabry Mill…(then and now)

Adam and Alex in the Wagon Adam and Alex in the Wagon

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Okay! The training wheels are off! Here we go!! Adam rides on two-wheels!

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Today the boys and I took a road trip to Virginia to see Nana and Pop. This trip was “men only” and allows mommy to enjoy a little stay-at-home-vacation. Adam is my co-pilot in the passenger seat, and Alex is the navigator in the jump-set between us.

From his vantage point, Adam captured a picture of the highway as it unfolded before us…

Highway Highway

Anyway, we arrived late this afternoon and the sun will soon be setting on our first day…

Sunset in Stuart

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At last night’s offsight, we christened Chris’s new party area, “The Voodoo Lounge! Chris asked me and Kyle to affix the “Voodoo Too” plank to the Big Green Egg Station.

And we did…

Voodoo Too

Considering this is the only picture from the offsite, I must surmise that we had a pretty good time. If the beer bottles around the lounge area are any indication, we certainly did. 😉

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I’m in Fredricksburg, Virginia, for a couple of days working with the local hospital. I enjoy extended stays in this town because I have the opportunity to enjoy some genuine German food at The Bavarian Chef.

The Bavarian Chef

And the best thing about this restaurant is they have Bitburger on tap…



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Well, the bags are packed and the cars are loaded and ready to go. Today we traveled up I-95 to spend Christmas with family in Virginia. We decided to take two cars to take advantage of the bed of my truck. Besides, it’s an easier ride if each of us takes a kid 🙂

Anyway, Adam was with me to start. He was very excited this morning and talked a mile-a-minute. I don’t think he paused for a breath for 250 miles…then BAM! HE’S OUT!

Adam is OUT

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…stay gold.

Visiting Nana and Pop in Virginia, and their a little fair going on in town. There’s a pony ride, and although it took some coaxing, Alex climbed on and rode like the wind!

Alex rides a pony Alex rides a pony

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Wood Brothers Museum I like to pay a visit to the Wood Brothers Racing Museum every time we come back to Stuart. This was the boys first visit. They love race care and they had a blast. We even got to go into the back where they store the cars. This actually used to be a working garage until they moved the team to Charlotte.

And when you think of racing, you think of lollypops! In fact, they lost all interest in David Pearson’s Mercury, when the lady behind the counter offered them to the boys. Alas, tour’s over!

Wood Brothers Cars Lollypops

Just so ya know…this is Pearson’s ’73 Mercury Cyclone. This was his first year with the Wood Brothers and he was NASCAR’s Driver of the Year!

David Pearson's Merc

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