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So, mom bought the boys these litlle gaming chairs. They’re pretty cool, really, and have built-in speakers, so they don’t have to turn-up the volume on the television to annoying levels!

The verdict?

Me: Adam, do you like your new chair?

Adam: I LOVE IT!

Gaming Chair

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It’s been two days since Hurricane Irma swept through Florida. There are still a number of people in the state without power and a lot of cleaning-up to do in many of areas. With the exception of schools being closed, things are pretty much back to normal here. In fact, we were still able to keep the boys’ dental cleaning appointments…

But forget the fluoride, they just come here for the games…

At the dentist

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wherein we learn there’s nothing more relaxing after a strenuous Sunday afternoon playing, than building cities and fighting zombies.


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I wonder who’s playing this video game?

Batman Game

OF COURSE! I shoulda known!!


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Wherein, Adam was upstairs playing a video game with a friend…

Friend: Adam, stop killing me.

Adam: I’m not killing you.

Friend: Yes, you are! Stop it!

Adam: I’m not killing you.

Friend: Yes, you are! Stop killing me!

Adam: You’re killing yourself.