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Kicking-off basketball season, the boys hit the court as the announcer calls their names…

Wearing number 15….it’s Alex!

Alex Enters

And wearing number 5…it’s Adam!

Adam Enters


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Another Saturday of basketball and the boys are ready to go. I can’t think of any better way to kick-off the weekend!

A fast break with Alex moving the ball down the court. You can tell he’s moving FAST because he’s blurry 😉 …

Alex Fast Break

The boys have never had a problem mixing it up on defense, either…

Adam Guards Alex Guards

Under the basket, Adam takes the shot…

Adam shoots


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It’s an exciting weekend for the boys! The Upward Basketball season starts today, and we’re learning the basics…


Alex Dribbles Adam Dribbles

and Shooting…

Alex Shoots Adam Shoots

Alex Shoots Adam Shoots

The boys did great for their day of basketball. Of course, Adam thinks he’s the greatest basketball player to ever grace the court, but Alex actually contained him pretty well…


Can’t wait for next weekend!