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Last night, we took Alex and Adam to their first LIVE concert! Trans-Siberian Orchestra was in town for their 2016 Winter Tour; Cindy and I have gone to see them several times, so it was a time for the boys’ introduction…

TSO Tour

I wish I could say the evening went smoothly, but alas, I can’t. Sure, we left in plenty of time to get to the arena, but we didn’t consider the Main Street bridge construction, which detoured traffic through town, causing a HUGE back-up and inchworm-like progress. Anyway, after cutting through a few side streets we were within a stone’s throw of the venue when everything came to a grinding halt! Traffic was merging onto a 1-lane road from three different directions. WOW! So, naturally, Dad took one for the team, while Mom and the boys exited the van and headed for the entrance. Thankfully, they made it for the start of the show and I wasn’t too far behind. And Cindy had a beer waiting for me, which made it all good. I actually think TSO delayed the start due to the traffic issues, which worked-out great for us (and many others).

As expected, TSO didn’t disappoint! It was a great show and the boys had a BLAST! When it was over and we were walking out, Adam asked me to upload this music to his iPod (he also said he couldn’t hear, which means we got our $$$ worth ;-)) So, there you have it…TSO has two more fans-for-life! Here’s a clip from last night’s show…the song is called, “Christmas Jam”…

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Last night Cindy and I saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly (Home of the Flyers!). They did two shows: a 3:00 and an 8:00 (we had tickets to the 3). So, we hired a baby-sitter for the boys and headed downtown. The traffic was as-to-be-expected, terrible, but the concert was awesome!

The shows on the TSO Winter Tour are divided into two acts. The first act is a narrated performance of most of the songs from “Christmas Eve and Other Stories”. In the second act, the band performs a mix of songs from their other albums. They opened with “Night Enchanted” from their Night Castle cd, and it only got better from there. Here’s a glimse of the performance with “Queen of the Winter Night”…

After the concert we had dinner at a pub/restaurant in South Philly called “The Ugly American” (gotta love the name!). Great food! I had a roast beef sandwich with a couple pints of Yuengling and Cindy had fish tacos with some obscure wheat beer (yuk!) .

The Ugly American

Cindy had actually wanted Asian Fusion, but the restaurant we found near the event center was in a pretty shady part of town, and so we bypassed it. It worked out very well, though!

We came home to two peacefully sleeping toddlers, and a glowing report from the baby-sitter. A great night all-around.

Here’s another video from TSO, a promo piece to give you a sense of the intensity of the concert…

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