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Well, it’s about 7 a.m., and everyone is starting to roll out of bed. I walk out into the hallway and find Adam (impatiently) waiting at the top of the stairs…

Christmas Morning

After I get the coffee brewing, we’re ready to get down to business. Adam has already found the jelly beans, so as far as he’s concerned, there’s no need to go any further…

Jelly Beans

Alex, on the other hand, is just randomly opening presents. I don’t think this “House” DVD set was intended for him…


After burrowing beneath the tree and shredding every piece of wrapping paper, we coax the boys downstairs where they find…a TRAMPOLINE! I mean, what else would they have, right? Remember, these are the guys that had Basement Bouncy-House!


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The boys saw the big kids playing on the trampoline, and wanted to fly and flip like they did. The only problem, they don’t have enough body weight to achieve what in physics is known as the “trampoline effect”–that is the “bounce” reaction that occurs when an object impacts the trampoline (or baseball bat, tennis racket, or golf club). But I digress…

The little guys, try though they might, couldn’t do much more than walk around on the elastic surface. So, I gave ’em a bit of assistance…

Artificial bouncing!

which results in a two-fold increase in the “giggle factor” (another physics term), and a lot more fun!



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