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Jettison another tooth!

Adams Tooth

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Yesterday, Adam lost his first tooth with a little assistance from his brother who popped him in the mouth! The lower central incisor had been loose for a couple of weeks and we could see his adult tooth coming in behind it, so the mechanism of loss wasn’t THAT big of a deal.

Adam's Tooth

Anyway, I put the tooth in a little baggie and told Adam to put it under his pillow when he went to sleep and the Tooth Fairy would take it and leave him some money. So, at bedtime, we placed the baggie under his pillow and he drifted-off to dreamland. Just before the “Tooth Fairy” went to bed, he pulled the ol’ “Indiana Jones” switcheroo, leaving behind a dollar bill in a baggie. All was right with the world until about 4:00 a.m. when Adam came into mommy and daddy’s bedroom with tears in his eyes. He was all upset because evidently, the Tooth Fairy took his tooth and left nothing in return!

Mommy comforted Adam and let him climb into bed with her (daddy missed this exchange because he was asleep). In the morning, Mommy took Adam to his bedroom and they found the a dollar in a baggie that had fallen behind his headboard. The Tooth Fairy had come through after all!

Although relieved that he hadn’t been shafted, Adam was still disappointed, as he “was going to need a lot more to buy some toys.”

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