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So, this year we’re changing things up a bit and will enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner at my personal favorite Disney park: Disney Hollywood Studios!

Tram Ride DHS Statue

There was so much to do. We had our Fast Passes which made it pretty easy to get to the other activities we wanted to do…mainly just enjoying the Christmas music and awesome decorations,

Christmas Tree Christmas Tree





Who also was seen doing a little breaking-and-entering…


Anyway, we scheduled an early dinner at Hollywood & Vine, where we got to mingle with the Disney characters…

to start, Goofy and I shot the breeze for a bit…

Dad and Goofy

then, we brought the family in…

Family and Goofy

And while we waited on Mickey and the gang, we helped ourselves to Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving Dinner Thanksgiving Dinner

And in-between going back for second helpings, we hung-out with some Disney VIPs…

Mickey Donald
Minnie Daisey

After dinner, it was just starting to get dark and the Christmas lights we all coming on. Mom and Alex toured the Pixar Studio area, while Adam and I made our way over to the Rockin’ Rollercoaster…and whoooosh!

Rocking Rollercoaster

And that about wrapped-up our day. We watched the light show on the Tower of Terror…


and stopped for one last picture…


And best of all? NO DISHES TO WASH!!

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It’s the Thanksgiving weekend and Cindy is doing some Christmas shopping. I suppose the boys and I could’ve gone, too, but then we couldn’t not go shopping. Besides, it’s a lot more fun spending the afternoon at the park!

As one can plainly see… 😉

Clark Park

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After a long day off cooking and a lot of eating, Cindy (and the boys) cut loose with her sisters…

Thanksgiving Party

Yeah, naughty, everybody knows it, too…

Thanksgiving Sisters

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We had a great time talking, cooking, eating, watching football, eating, drinking beer (me, mostly), and eating. Adam started out the day early with a rather large salted-caramel cupcake…

Big cupcake

As has become a tradition in our family, I fried a turkey. Delicious!

Turkey Turkey

Jess set the table.

Jess sets the table Thanksgiving Table

And we all sat down to our Thanksgiving feast…

Left side Right side

Dig in!


All that remained (besides the leftovers!) was to do the dishes and watch some football! The dishes were, of course, the women’s work 😉

Jess and Cindy do the dishes

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Getting ready for the big feast today with friends and family. First, we’re converting the Big Green Egg into a blast furnace to superheat the coals for the Thanksgiving turkey! (don’t tell Cindy, but I needed to use her blow-dryer)…

Big Green Egg Blast Furnace

Dinner is about done, and as with all large family gatherings, the kids enjoy each others company at their very own table…

Thanksgiving Kids

I’m the last to fix his plate…

Fixing My Plate

We almost didn’t have enough room at the dining room table…actually, we didn’t have enough room, which is why the kids had their own table!

The Gang

Dig in!

Dig In!

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This year we spent our Thanksgiving holiday with the boys’ Godfamily, Chris, Sherrie, and their little boy Chase (a.k.a. Billy the Kid). We took-off Wednesday afternoon for the 4-hour drive south.

The dinner was fantastic and much, much more was available than we could possibly eat. We’re going to spend another day here before we head back up to PA.


It was great to see our friends again and the boys (dubbed “The Angry Men” by Chase) had a blast playing with their “Godbrother,” Billy the Kid…

The Angry Men and Billy the Kid

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It’s Thanksgiving Day and it’s snowing in PA!

Snow in PA

That’s okay because I don’t have to drive in it! 🙂

The morning was uneventful. We drank coffee, watched the snow fall, and played throughout the house. When the boys went down for a nap, Cindy and I started on our Thanksgiving feast. I was in charge of the turkey, and Cindy was in charge of everything else (as it should be ;-)).

We fried a turkey this year (as we do most years), but this year I used my new oil-less turkey fryer. Fried TurkeySounds funny, I know. It uses infrared heat to cook the turkey. The only drawback is it takes about 10-minutes per pound, whereas the old-fashioned peanut oil will cook a bird in about 3-minutes per pound. Anyway, I was a little concerned beforehand, but was pleasantly surprised by the result. The turkey cooked very well and was very tasty!!

Wine For dinner we enjoyed a delicious Czech wine: Chateau Valtice Rulandské modré. It was a very delicate red wine, much like Pinot Noir, with a brick-red hue, and a scent of cherry and raspberry. This particular bottle was a gift from the owner of the hotel Cindy and I stayed in during our first trip to Zlín, Czech Republic in 2007.

We’d been saving it for a special occasion and decided to open it today!

So, with the table set, and the boys wearing their fancy shirts, we sat down to our Thanksgiving dinner:

Thanksgiving Dinner

Alex and Adam ate very well and seemed to really enjoy the different tastes and textures set before them (except for the cranberries…Alex thoroughly rejected them!). Everything was delicious and the boys were very well behaved. Of course, Adam had a bit of a meltdown when we wouldn’t give him any wine. (Hey! He had his own grape juice!!)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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The boys celebrated their first Thanksgiving with turkey, stuffing, mashed, sweet, and roasted potatos, green bean casserole, glazed carrots, cranberry sauce, fresh-baked bread with butter, and a ba-ba to wash it all down..mmm mmm.

Although we tried to have the boys sit at the table, in the end we had to put the trays on their highchairs. For some reason the plates and place mats we put in front of them kept sliding onto the floor. 😉

( sigh )

First Thanksgiving

First Thanksgiving

First Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

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