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When I was a kid, we had “swing-sets.”

Today, we don’t call them “swing-sets.” Now they’re called “Endless Adventures PlayCenter Playground.” I’m not fooled by this new terminology because “Endless Adventures PlayCenter Playground” is nothing more than a fancy-pants way to say “swing-set.”

So, today, I put together the boys new Endless Advent swing-set, and boy, did they have a blast!

Alex says, “Can I swing now?”

Alex wants to swing

Daddy pushes, or rather, pulls Alex…

Daddy pulls Alex

Mommy: Pushing and Posing 🙂

Mommy swings the boys

Now don’t ask me about putting that darn thing together! That’s a story in itself….and not an altogether pleasant one.

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Yesterday, Cindy joined her “mom’s group” for a couple hours of fun-in-the-sun at a local park. The boys had a blast on the swings!

Alam SwingsAlex Swings

…and when they came home, they napped. Not for long, mind you, but they did nap. 😉

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