Spring Break

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Jess and Kam came to visit for Spring Break. It’s always great to have them here and thought we’d make the visit even more special by spending a couple of days in Orlando at Sea World and the Magic Kingdom.

We took-off this morning and will head to the parks tomorrow. This afternoon we hit the Walt Disney World Village to hook-up with my brother, Dave, and his family, who are are their way back home.

At the T-Rex restaurant, the boys and their cousins got to play archaeologist by digging for fossils in the sand.

Digging-up Bones

Kam posed for pictures with her Mom and May-May.

Jess and Kam Kam and May May

Me and my brother talked about stuff.

Me and Dave

After “the dig”, we bid farewell to the South Florida Hanks’ and pay a visit to the Lego Store. The boys, Alex especially, is immediately drawn to the Hulk! Kameran is then compelled to pose in front of whoever this Lego person is.

Hulk Kam and Lego Person

While we were in the Lego Store, the rain started coming down HARD! So, we hung around for about a half-hour looking at Legos, playing with Legos, chasing after kids, telling kids to stop fighting, stop running, stop throwing Legos…

Then the rain let-up and we retired to our hotel for the evening.

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