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Dinner Out The boys are 6-months old now, and are much easier to manage solo these days. In fact, Cindy is on her own with the babies most of the week. Instead of their nanny, Miss Hannah, coming over every day, she only comes a couple of days a week and Friday night–date night. On date night, Hannah arrives about 5:30 pm, and gives Cindy and I a night out on our own. Last night, we met some friends for dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s and took in a movie, “The Hangover” (which was hilarious, by the way!). We had a great time, despite a little mishap just before Hannah arrived. Alex and Adam were playing on the bed in the master bedroom, and Cindy and I were getting ready. Both of us thought the other was watching the kids when Alex, who is beginning to motor everywhere, rolled off the edge of the bed. Luckily, babies bounce! Anyway, he squealed for a bit in his mother’s arms, but was otherwise okay. And wouldn’t ya know it, we set him back on the bed, and he takes off for the edge again (this time he didn’t make it! :-)).

We returned home about 10:30 pm to a “non-eventful” report from Hannah, although Adam, it seems, stayed up a little later than he normally does (ordinarily, both kids are asleep by 8, but this night, Adam was up ’till about 9). No problem. We talked for a bit with Hannah, and she took-off for home. Cindy and I had a drink over conversation, and retired about 12:30 am. Then…


The boys are one-month old and waking up every couple of hours, which Adam did last night! At 1:30, 3:30 and 5:00, Adam was awake. First, he just needed his “passy,” so it only took a minute or two to get him back off to sleep. The next time required a small bottle and some rocking, which lasted a bit longer. The third time, Adam brought his brother into the act, and both required diaper changes and some cuddling. Anyway, the night was pretty much shot, and neither Cindy nor I got much sleep.

Now, it’s almost 9:00 pm, and the boys have been asleep for about an 1-1/2 hours. Cindy and I are getting ready for bed. Hopefully, the boys, Adam especially, have a good night sleep.

Alas, because if they (he) don’t (doesn’t), neither will we! 😉

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Alex’s bib speaks for itself.  What a night!

Alex allnighter

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Crying Baby

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Colic, or extreme crying in infants, is excruciatingly frustrating. I remember these episodes with my kids (from a previous marriage) almost two decades ago and it’s a wonder they made it to their first birthdays. Even after all these years of medical progress and scientific discovery, colic remains mystery. It will go like gangbusters for the first months of the babies existence and then miraculously disappear at about four months. In the meantime, parents are losing their minds wondering how they could ever think having kids was a good idea.

Still, in between the piercingly loud bouts of crying, the baby will make a funny face or smile the sweetest smile (so what if it’s gas), and it all seems worthwhile.

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So, it’s a bit of a drowsy Christmas morning. The twins were up-and-down most of the night on an asynchronous sleeping schedule. Cindy was swapping breasts between the two and I filled-in the gaps with formula. In the narrow spaces between feedings, we caught a wink or two.

This morning, grandma took one of the kids and we fell back into bed. Cindy got some shut-eye, but true to form, I couldn’t nod off. So, it’s coffee infusions for me, at least into the early afternoon.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you. 🙂

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