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Another reason for the family trip to SW Florida was so we could present this shadowbox to my father-in-law for his birthday. He served 20-years in the US Air Force, but he didn’t have ANY reminders of his service, they being lost to the passage of time. All he had were some papers in a briefcase he kept in his closet. Fortunately, one of those papers was his DD214, which contained most of the of the information needed to construct the shadowbox, and short conversation provided the rest.

Happy Birthday, “Poppy”…and thanks for your service!


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I’ve noticed a lot of cracks in the stucco on our house, and I doubt its been painted since it was built about 10-years ago. So, I contracted with a neighbor that does painting and stucco work…

House Paint

He and his crew knocked it out in a couple of days, and even pressure-washed my driveway and repaired the gate on my fence. Talk about great service!

House Painted

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