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What better way to spend a hot summer day than taking a trip to the beach? Of course corralling three kids makes it a bit of a challenge, but the sun and surf quickly soothes all stress.

Adam and Kam immediately hit the waves…

Adam and Kam hit the waves Adam in the surf

Alex, on the other hand, was a content to remain a little more inland…

Alex on the beach

While Adam and Kam boogie and swim…

Boogie Board Swimming

Alex contemplates the ocean, makes a move, then thinks better of it!

Adam and Kam hit the waves Adam in the surf Adam and Kam hit the waves

Finally, Alex brings himself to join the other two within the waves…

All three in the water

Kam exits the water like a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model…

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model

The boys take a break from the ocean to pose for a picture with their Mama, Kameran with her May-May…

Alex and Mama Adam, Kam, and May-May

This is followed by some goofs and a bit of gymnastics!

Goofs Kam does a cartwheel

It’s almost time to go, so the kids spend a last few minutes enjoying the surf and spray!

Beach Babies

Too soon we’re loading up the van and looking forward to vacuuming out the sand.

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