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…whereas I investigate and attempt to capitalize on the boys interest in the 50’s western classic, Wanted: Dead or Alive.

Wild Wild West Once again, I’m in the basement with Alex and Adam. They’re playing with their toy cars on the table, the television is on Fox News and they don’t seem to care. I pique their interest as I open the cabinet and place a dvd in the player, but they return to their cars as I change the television input to HDMI. The dvd menu flashes on the screen and I select the pilot episode; the intro begins almost immediately. As the intro fades and the opening theme music begins, the boys are, just as before, pointing at the screen and scrambling to my lap. They sit there glued to the television for 5-minutes or so before their off, once again, to play with their toys.

Although their response to The Wild Wild West was similar, they didn’t demonstrate near the interest they did in Wanted: Dead or Alive. I’d say the result of the experiment in inconclusive, which means I need to do more research, which means that we’ll be watching more old television westerns.

I may never find an answer. 😉

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