Rainy days

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It’s been very rainy weekend and today is an exceptionally lazy day. It’s mid-afternoon and the boys are still in their jammies and watching the latest Lego adventure movie. What a great life! 🙂

Movie Day

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whereas the boys get a chance to sport their new galoshes, or maybe you prefer boat shoes, dickersons, overshoes, rubbers, or rain boots…

Anyway, whatever you choose to call them, Alex and Adam were sportin’ ’em!

Alex and Adam in Rain Boots

Adam tries ’em out in a convenient puddle. (hmmm…normally mommy yells at me when I do this!)

Splashing in puddle

Next they take ’em for a spin…

Pushing the car

Verdict: Although the boots make us look kinda silly, the puddle-splashing freedom they provide is well worth it!

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