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Alex sleeps

Close your eyes and you will see
Micro-flashing neon lights
Open your eyes and you will see
It still looks like the same thing

Lie and wait for sleep and listen
To your heart beat too fast for sleep
Close your eyes and you will see
The sound asleep

I want to go, I want to go
I want to go down to go to sleep
Your frame of reference
Is my swimming pool

My, my swimming pool
Still looks like the China sea
Pool to sea and finally
The sound asleep

Feel the muscles in your face
Twitch, relax, remembering
Everything that went down and will go down
I want to go down to sleep

Insomnia, no sleep disease
Petties parking, feed me please
Lie and wait for sleep and listen
To your heart beat too fast for sleep

Sound-a-Sleep by Blondie

Adam sleeps

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There’s nothing Alex enjoys better after a long day of babying than relaxing in front of the boob-tube…

Alex Kickin Back

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Last night the boys f-i-n-a-l-l-y slept through the night! Although this didn’t affect me all that much (my “shift” ends at midnight), it was a big treat for mommy (who still got up several times to check on them)…

Please sleep

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Adam takes a break from screaming to rest his vocal cords with a little power nap…

Cute?  Sure, but he’s waking up in 5…4…3…2…


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This would be Adam…

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Neil Diamond is singing “Song Sung Blue” during a 1976 concert in Australia playing on DVD.  I’m “on shift” and Cindy is sleeping; Adam is asleep in the Pack ‘n Play in front of me (he’s the noisiest sleeper; I’ve never heard so many grunts, squeaks, sighs and peeps); and I can hear Alex on the baby monitor stirring in his crib (it’s just about time for him to get up and eat).

I’m sipping on a cup of coffee as I sit in this glider rocker with my laptop and peck on the keys.  Moments like this are rare these days and I’m enjoying the relative quiet.  Adam was a little fussy this evening, I think he had a bit of a belly ache, but he’s resting pretty peacefully now.  Alex, on the other hand, was just being a butt.  He didn’t want anything except to be held, and that includes sleep, which he resisted with all the might his little body could muster.  He finally succumbed to fatigue and literally passed-out in my arms.

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Well, sure, if they’re sleeping…otherwise, not quite so much… 😉

Alex Adam

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