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Today’s our last day in Alabama and Kameran is “bored already”…

Bored already

So, we pack-up the kids and take a trip to Pratt Park, where Kameran takes the boys on a hike…

Walking to the secret place

to her “secret place” near the creek…

The secret place

All that hiking-through-the-woods-to-the-secret-place makes one awfully thirsty! Fortunately there’s a water fountain at the end of the trail, much like there was in pioneer days. Here, Kameran drinks her fill, while Alex contemplates the water fountain…

Alex and Kam at the water fountain

And with that, Kam is no longer bored, as evidenced by the best smile EVER…

Best smile

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I recently visited the Bass Pro Shop in Prattville, Alabama. Naturally, I bought a hat…not just one for me, I also picked-up a couple for the boys, and they really liked them!

Adam and Bass Pro Hat Alex and Bass Pro Hat

( I really just wanted my “Humpy’s” hat back )

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