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Yesterday was the last day of school and Summer Vacation is officially underway! This is the fist sunny day we’ve had in almost two weeks and what better way to celebrate the gorgeous Florida weather and the de facto first day of Summer than a splash or two in the pool??

Summer Vacation

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Alex is getting itchy for the water. For the past two days he’s been going on about swimming. I tried to explain to him that the water was too cold for swimming right now, but he just wouldn’t accept it. So, I told him, “okay”, knowing he wouldn’t be in the water very long (if he got in at all). Anyway, this is as far as he got, but he still wouldn’t concede the water was too cold. I guess Dad still doesn’t know what he’s talking about. 😉

Alex in the pool

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Adam is always pushing himself to do more. Today, he taught himself to swim underwater…

Adam swims underwater Adam swims underwater Adam swims underwater

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From the relative safety of neutral territory on the far side of the pool, I’m in the perfect location to observe and document the water war as it unfolds. Here, Adam takes to the high ground in an attempt to gain advantage over his adversary.

Water Gun War

but Alex, a seasoned veteran, is entrenched in the shallow end and controls the points of entry and exit (i.e. the steps). He is well-protected from his brother’s assault.

Alex and his Water Gun

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This weekend we’re having a little family getaway to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. A couple of weeks ago I purchased an annual pass for the family, so considering we make frequent trips already, this’ll actually save me a little bit of money 🙂

So, as a belated birthday present for Cindy, I booked us a room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, one of the Walt Disney World Resorts…

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Mom and the Boys

The hotel is amazing, and the guest rooms open to the ‘Savannah’, where wild animals roam. The boys thought that was pretty cool!

Animal Kingdom Lodge View

…but what they REALLY liked was the bunk bed in the room!

Bunk Beds

We’re planning on visiting the Animal Kingdom park tomorrow, so tonight we’re just going to relax and enjoy some drinks and this ginormous pool!

Animal Kingdom Lodge Animal Kingdom Lodge Pool

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…and no one is happier than Charlie!

The boys invited their friend and neighbor Dominick to join them in the water today. These kids play great together and have loads of fun playing baseball, hockey, Star Wars, video games, etc. so on…

The pool is open

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Kameran took a minute or two from swimming to pose for a couple of pictures with her little brother. Of course, it’s never much of a imposition for Kam to pose for a picture…

Kam and Oliver

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Well, our road trip is over and me and the boys are back at home. What a surprise to find Kameran here! It wasn’t really a surprise, as I knew that Jess was bringing her down to stay with May-May for a couple of weeks, but it certainly was a surprise for the boys!

Here Kam and Adam enjoy a leisurely lunch by semi-in the pool…

lunch by the pool

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When Batman was a boy, he would go swimming in the Batpool and dry-off with his Battowel…

Batman by the pool

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Today, Cindy and the boys are playing at Julington Creek Plantation Park…

Alex enjoys the refreshing water and pushes up the incline.

Alex wades in the pool

Adam is the master of the water-slide: Whoosh!

Alam takes the slide

Alex contemplates the water-slide while striking the classic Ed Sullivan pose:

“And now…right here on our shoo…Betty the Dancing Bear and the Parrot Jugglers of Guadalajara…”

Ed Sullivan

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