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Eat your heart out, girls! 😉

Pool Boys

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Just look at them! Sitting together in the sandbox. Have you ever seen anything sweeter? I wonder what they’re talking about? It doesn’t matter really. You can tell just by looking at them, that they’re the best of friends: amigos, companions, mates, buddies, partners, chums…

Playing in the Sandbox 1

Until one’s back is turned…

Playing in the Sandbox 2

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Breaking news from Hollywood: Alex to star in the next James Bond thriller, Dr. Poop. Of course the thouchy-feely, namby-pamby execs in the studio weren’t “comfortable” with a 2-year-old staring down the barrel of a gun, so they opted for a slide instead…

James Bond

So much for tradition…

James Bond opening

…politically correct wusses!

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The boys discuss their next move while breaking from their exhaustive outdoor activities to refresh their batteries…


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whereas the sun breaking through the clouds paints the winter sky with a warm glow.


It’s the perfect time to shovel the driveway, which is of course, one of my favorite activities…ever! [ insert eye-roll here ]

Fortunately, Adam is coming down the drive to help me, although I don’t know how much help he’ll be without a shovel.

Shoveling the drive

Alex is not a big fan of the cold (much like his dad), preferring a practically snowless covered porch to the blanket of powdered water that is our front yard!


Adam doesn’t like his mittens, but he doesn’t like the chill on his fingers more!


Alex says bugger the chill because the only way to pick up a piece of ice is with a mitten-less hand…


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Today the boys had a much-needed mop-chop. And naturally, Mommy can’t just take them to a regular barber. The twins get their haircuts at Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids.”

Yeah, it was pretty cool!

Instead of regular barber chairs, the kids sit in cars, like this jeep that Adam is sitting in…

Adam's Haircut

Afterward, or while waiting for their haircuts, kids can color, read, or play with various toys. And get this: the toys the kids are playing with are also available for mom and dad to purchase!

Imagine that! (sarcasm intended :-P)

Haircut Toys

Anyway, the boys looked good with their haircuts!

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The boys saw the big kids playing on the trampoline, and wanted to fly and flip like they did. The only problem, they don’t have enough body weight to achieve what in physics is known as the “trampoline effect”–that is the “bounce” reaction that occurs when an object impacts the trampoline (or baseball bat, tennis racket, or golf club). But I digress…

The little guys, try though they might, couldn’t do much more than walk around on the elastic surface. So, I gave ’em a bit of assistance…

Artificial bouncing!

which results in a two-fold increase in the “giggle factor” (another physics term), and a lot more fun!



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Happy Independence Day! The boys celebrated our nation’s birthday by wrestling with their Nana in their new playroom…

Alex and Nana Adam and Nana

This was a lot more fun than watching a baseball game with the ol’ man…

Tho’ not as quiet 🙂

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Today, Adam added another badge to his long list of well-earned scrapes and bruises: This one, a rug burn on his nose, was achieved as he slid running across the carpet, and leaves him resembling a famous reindeer…


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Yesterday, we took the boys to “Giggleberry Fair” at Peddler’s Village in New Hope, PA. The admission was free for the boys and just a buck-a-piece for mom and dad. The boys had a blast playing, yelling, running, jumping, splashing, sliding, banging, and clanging with reckless abandon!

First, a quick boost of energy from the bottle…

Giggleberry Fair

Adam loved going up and down in the little rocketship; Alex even joined in for a bit, but it wasn’t really his thing…

Giggleberry FairGiggleberry Fair

Alex preferred the water table! They both enjoyed playing fireman, but Alex wasn’t really into the hat…

Giggleberry FairGiggleberry Fair

They both loved the slide: Adam is a traditional slider, while Alex is a bit of a nonconformist…

Giggleberry FairGiggleberry Fair

Needless to say, they both slept very well last night!

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