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So, Jess and the grandkids are here for a week’s vacation! This afternoon, we needed to get out of the house, so we headed to up the road to Veteran’s Park!

But first, for some reason, we have to DAB (whatever that is)…


With so many kids to carry, it’s a good thing Dad was there to help out with transportation!

MG at the Park

Anyway, there are plenty of things for the kids to do…

Like SPIN…


and SWING…

Jess and Carter Swing Alex and Carter Swing

and SWING some more…

Jess and Oliver swing

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Well, the soccer season is over and the coaches made the trophy presentations today. I’m really not sure how well we did because there wasn’t much score-keeping going on. After all, what’s most important is that the kids have fun, right? I suppose that’s okay for 4-year-olds being introduced to the game, but I hope this doesn’t continue into the “older” leagues. It’s important for kids to learn that you don’t always win…and that you can still enjoy the game when you lose!

Anyway, they were pretty proud of their trophies (even if they didn’t quite understand their purpose :-))

Adam's Trophy Alex's Trophy

And what better way to celebrate than a trip to the park? Which, incidentally, was a lot more fun for them than the trophy ceremony!

Adam spelled backwards is “monkey”…

Jungle Adam Adam runs across the platform

Adam loves to slide pose on the slide!

Alex on the slide Alex on the slide Alex on the slide

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One day left in Nana and Pa’s visit. We spent it at Warminster Park; the boys love the playground, especially the slides and the swings…

Pa pushes Alex and Adam on the swings. Looks like they really got airborne; Alex get’s really tickled at that…

Alex on the swing Adam on the swing


Alex slides, while Nana is very overprotective…

Alex slides

Adam slides, while Nana waits overprotectively, as usual 🙂

Adam slides

Adam climbs the stairs. He wants to grow-up so much, and refuses to take the stairs on his hands-and-knees…

Adam takes the stairs

Alex considers what to do next. Where’s Nana?

Alex considers what to do next

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