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Adam sits up

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The tee-shirt says it all…

Teething Bites

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After weeks of struggle, battling the elements and wild beasts, Adam crawls out from the savage jungle…and falls asleep.

Adam Escapes the Jungle

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It’s really amazing (and extremely funny) the questions people-on-the-street ask when meeting the twins. They’re real-life “Here’s Your Sign” moments. Here are a few of our favorite questions, and our typical answers…

  1. Are they twins?

    No. Just this one.

  2. Are they identical?

    No. One has longer hair.

  3. Are they “paternal”?

    No. It was a virgin birth.

  4. Do twins run in your family?

    Yes, but usually they learn to walk, first. They’ll probably jump and climb, too

  5. How do you tell them apart?

    I just look at them.

  6. How did you know you were having twins?

    Well, we had sex twice that night, so we thought we had a pretty good chance.

  7. Did you take drugs? (Cindy always gets this one!)

    Well, there was this one time in Majorca…

  8. They don’t look anything alike. Are they natural?

    No, they’re plastic!

  9. They don’t look alike. Are you sure they’re twins?

    Well, I was there for the birth! But I guess the doctor could’ve pulled a fast one.

  10. Oh, you have twins. Are they brothers?

    No, just twins.

  11. Which one’s the “good” one?

    Neither, they’re both equally bad!

  12. When one cries, does he wake the other?

    No. Twins can’t hear each others cries because they communicate with their special telepathic language only.

  13. What do you do when they cry at the same time?

    Sometimes I cry; sometimes I go to Starbucks.

  14. Is raising twins expensive?

    Yes. Would you like to make a donation?

  15. Wow, twins. You must really have your hands full!

    Why? Are you offering to clean my house?

  16. Twins, huh? Just wait, it only gets harder!

    Thanks. Just this morning I woke up hoping to receive a word of discouragement while simultaneously pushing a stroller and pulling a shopping cart through Wal-Mart. Have a nice day. 😛

Thanks to the many parents of multiples who provided some of these snappy answers…

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With our pending move to Italy in August, I decided to sell my Mustang. I coulda shipped it over for a couple grand, but alas, it’d be a little cramped for Cindy and the boys! So we’re taking the family truckster (Honda Odyssey), instead. After all, parents must be practical, right? (sarcasm intended) Of course, I coulda put it in storage, but coming back to it after three years just wasn’t too appealing. So, I listed it on eBay, and it sold in a couple of weeks. Not bad.

So, before the buyer came to pick it up, I dropped the top and took the boys crusin’ for chicks along the beach…

(but don’t tell Cindy!)


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Alex is touching me

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There’s nothing Alex enjoys better after a long day of babying than relaxing in front of the boob-tube…

Alex Kickin Back

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Too cool for school

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Adam is really getting the hang of this standing thing…soon he’ll need no assistance at all!

Adam Standing


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Alex and Adam were baptized this morning by Father Bernard Farrell at St. Elizabeth Seton Parish. Our dear friends, Chris and Sherrie Rash, stood as godparents to the boys. Their nanny, Hannah, and her husband, Stephen, also shared in the event. The boys were well-behaved during mass, and Alex even joined in the singing.

Getting ready: The boys are dressed and ready for morning mass and the baptism to be conducted afterward. As you can see, they both understand the gravity of the sacrament…

Alex and Adam ready for baptism

The boys are baptized: First Adam…

Adam is baptized

then Alex…

Alex is baptized

Afterward: The Hanks family with Father Farrell…

The Hanks family with Father Farrell

Alex and Adam’s godparents, Chris and Sherrie, with Father…

Chris and Sherrie

All together…

All together

Sure it’s serious, but it’s a joyous occasion, too!

Alex and Adam ready for baptism

What a great day!

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