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So, I walk into the hallway and find Adam lying on the floor next to Charlie taking selfies with his iPod…

Adam and Charlie

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Every year we take a family photo to put on our Christmas card. It’s getting a lot easier as the boys get older, but we still need to get it done as quickly as possible because their interest still fades pretty quickly. We thought it’d be nice to flashback to the boys earlier Christmas, so I loaded the picture of the boys 2d Christmas to the television…


All-in-all, we got several good pictures and it was hard to decide which one to use, so we used several…


Of course, the boys we very cooperative this year, but Charlie, not so much…

Boys and Charlie Boys and Charlie

For my and Cindy’s picture, we put-up another early Christmas photo. This one from our first Christmas in Albuquerque…

Kiss Close

And the boys message to Santa this year is…


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Today was picture day at school. Dressed in their little sweater vests, the boys are off to make some school-day memories. Naturally, Adam was all about it, but Alex didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Needless to say, another year has passed sans a school picture of Alex.

So, although we don’t have a school picture of Alex, here’s a “school day” picture. Alex is always better in “decisive moment” shots anyway…

Alex in the meadow

…mainly because he doesn’t know about them!

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I visited the local library and was looking through a collection of old photos they had on display. The photos were some of the memorabilia celebrating Pennsylvania’s 223rd anniversary.

Imagine my shock and surprise when I caught a glimpse of this photo taken at the turn of the century…

Time Traveler

I simply couldn’t believe my eyes! There was a little boy that looked just like Alex! No wait…

he’s wearing a GAP jacket! They didn’t have GAP back then…

did they?

Could this actually be Alex??

Then I noticed he was missing a shoe!

Yep, that’s Alex! 🙂

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Where’s Waldo?

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Kameran’s Birthday Party Posse…

Kameran's Birthday

Caption courtesy of BigHugeLabs

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You can’t photograph a butterfly…


without imagining the very hungry caterpillar


Fly away…


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A rather pleasant afternoon lent itself to some Lawrence Welk style bubble-play on the back patio…


Summer is just about here!

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Alex sleeps at dinner

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At who?

Adam Sneezes

Aaaah Choooo!

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