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So, I walk into the hallway and find Adam lying on the floor next to Charlie taking selfies with his iPod…

Adam and Charlie

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Cindy had to clean-out the Rat Guinea Pig cage today, which she did solo because, of course, that teaches the boys about responsibility and stuff. So, the rodents-we-actually-keep-as-pets got to move to an EVEN BIGGER cage that the boys could fit into as well.

Ginny Pigs

“Leonard” and “Sheldon” just LOVE playing games with the twins! Their favorite game? “WHACK-A-MOLE”!!

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…we have rats!

I don’t know what Cindy was thinking, but the boys are now the proud parents of two baby Guinea Pigs.

I suppose it’ll teach the boys about responsibility. After all, it’s a tough job caring for a pet. It’s simply going to wear the boys out with Mom assuming complete responsibility for the care and feeding of these rodents.

We have rats

Their names are Leonard and Sheldon! Bazinga!

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