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Alex woke up this morning a little under-the-weather, so he was unable to join Adam for the annual “Touch-a-Truck” event. Each year, Buck’s County has a weekend event where they give kids the opportunity to learn about and explore the municipal vehicles they see on the streets every day.

Adam love’s fire trucks…

Adam's Fire Hat Adam at the wheel

Adam and the firetruck

He wanted to get into the cab of the ambulance, but I guess they didn’t want kids messing with the buttons and whatnot…although, there were a lot more whatnot in the firetruck, and that was okay for little kids. Anyway, he did get to explore the back of the ambulance. With it’s syringes, needles, medicines, oxygen, scissors, and tubing it’s a much, much safer place to be than the cab.

Adam tries the ambulance door Adam in the back of the ambulance

After the ambulance, Adam discovered the police car. Next to being a fireman, the policeman has the coolest car on the road.

“One-Adam-12, responding to two-one-one in progress…”

Adam on the police radio

The trucks were never-ending, and Adam climbed on all of them…

Adam the garbage man…

Adam the garbage man

I want to drive THIS one!

Adam on the bulldozer

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It’s January in PA, so that likely means snow. Snow means shoveling, which is my least favorite activity after painting the house and hanging pictures on the wall.

Daddy Shoveling

Fortunately, I have a couple of helpers, although their pseudo snow-blowers don’t do much more than move the snow around…

Adam and Alex Snow Mowers Adam and Daddy

But they have their “work faces” on, so it’s all good!

Adam Alex

After what seemed like forever, the driveway is cleared and it’s time to play in the snow. Adam was into making snow angels…

Adam making snow angels Adams snow angel

Alex, however, had long since retired to the warmth of house (he’s obviously a lot smarter than the rest of us!)

Alex Inside

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Here we are again at Peddler’s Village. I guess Adam has had enough fun for one day!

Going Going Gone

…and so has Alex (but not Nana)…

Alex Asleep

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Sun Drop Logo Okay, so here’s the story: The year was 1949. On a sunny day, a soft drink loving man named Charles Lazier was cruising around town in the family car, noodling over his lifelong dream to make the ultimate citrus soda. We’re not sure why he was dreaming of citrus soda, but why ask why?

In a sudden burst of genius, the formula for a revolutionary thirst quenching, authentic taste sensation came to him. He scribbled it down and gave it to his son Charles Jr. (a.k.a Charles Numero Dos, Charlie Two-Times, Charles Double Dutch) who would go on to create the one, the only, the Sun Drop.

Sun Drop was launched regionally in 1951, and developed a passionate following, creating generations of deeply loyal Sun Drop drinkers who knew a good thing when they drank it. As time went on, flavors were added, the fan base grew and the secret of this indescribably delicious beverage could no longer be contained.

At long last, the days of smuggling Sun Drop across state lines are over. 2011 marks the year that Sun Drop will be available nationwide. So clear some space in your fridge, it’s time to Get Dropped.

And we have! Cindy surprised me with four bottles of Sun Drop from her trip to the store this afternoon! Sun Drop has come to PA!!

( I hope it stays )

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After more than a month of gloomy, gray, overcast days and cold, snowy, winter weather, God paints a beautiful sunset across the warming Pennsylvania sky…

Winter Sunset

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Okay, so I’m not complaining about the snow anymore!

I’ll take snow any day over ice and freezing rain!! This morning the driveway was pretty much a sheet of ice:

Ice Storm Ice Storm

and my truck was literally encased in it:

Ice Storm Ice Storm

Fortunately, the world famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, did NOT see his shadow this morning, which means we’re going to have an early Spring!

And statistically speaking, Phil has been right about 50% of the time, so you couldn’t do any better if you flipped a coin! ūüėČ

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…big surprise!

Snow in PA again

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No Christmas is complete without a visit to Peddler’s Village and Giggleberry Fair!

The kids enjoyed themselves on the carousel, well, Kameran enjoyed herself…

Kameran on the Carousel

We got mixed reviews from the boys. Adam was skittish at first, but warmed-up to it by the end of the ride; Alex wasn’t into it much at all and needed to be cuddled…

Alex and Adam on the Carousel

Look: Alex is a conehead!

Alex in the Mirror

The boys big sister, Jessica, guides them through a three-story labyrinth of tunnels, mazes, slides, and assorted obstacles…


Bubble Boys…

Bubble Boys

Kameran made a friend while at “the fair” and together they put on a darling little puppet show…

Kameran Puppet Show

Dispense with the puppets, the star of the show has arrived…

Alex, the star

Adam thoroughly enjoyed driving the firetruck. The costume was, of course, mommy’s idea…alas, it’s “Fire Marshall Bill Adam”


Giggleberry Fair: A Children’s Wonderland

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This evening, Cindy and I had a long awaited date night. We now have a couple of very good babysitters for the boys, and will be able to have nights like this more often. Tonight it was dinner and a movie. We had dinner at a restaurant called “Melt” in Center Valley, PA. This restaurant (according to its website)…

“puts a modern twist on traditional Italian cuisine. A visually stunning design provides a dramatic setting for a wide variety of creatively prepared salads, pizzas, pastas & grilled entrees. The extensive menu is complemented by a 200 bottle wine list featuring vintages from California, Italy & France.”

Melt When we arrived at the restaurant, I spied a friend from work. He was there with his wife and a friend for drinks on their way to a dinner in “Old Bethlehem.” We enjoyed some conversation while waiting for a table (and then some). Once seated, we nibbled on fresh bread and olive oil, then enjoyed some crab cakes and proscutto with fresh fruit appetizers. For dinner, I ordered the lamb chops and it was spaghetti carbonnara for Cindy. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have any mint jelly for the lamb chops, but alas, you can’t have everything. I enjoyed Peroni beer with the evening, while Cindy had a Blue Moon with the appetizers, then a some girly martini with the meal. For desert we shared tiramisu. The food and drink was very good, if not a little pricey.

After dinner we went to a movie: “Love and Other Drugs” with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. It was a slightly different take on a love story, but I don’t want to give it away. The drug in the final analysis, I suppose, is love.

Love and Other Drugs

We had a great time, although Cindy came home with a sore throat…the beginnings of a short bout with the flu!

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It’s Thanksgiving Day and it’s snowing in PA!

Snow in PA

That’s okay because I don’t have to drive in it! ūüôā

The morning was uneventful. We drank coffee, watched the snow fall, and played throughout the house. When the boys went down for a nap, Cindy and I started on our Thanksgiving feast. I was in charge of the turkey, and Cindy was in charge of everything else (as it should be ;-)).

We fried a turkey this year (as we do most years), but this year I used my new oil-less turkey fryer. Fried TurkeySounds funny, I know. It uses infrared heat to cook the turkey. The only drawback is it takes about 10-minutes per pound, whereas the old-fashioned peanut oil will cook a bird in about 3-minutes per pound. Anyway, I was a little concerned beforehand, but was pleasantly surprised by the result. The turkey cooked very well and was very tasty!!

Wine For dinner we enjoyed a delicious Czech wine: Chateau Valtice Rulandské modré. It was a very delicate red wine, much like Pinot Noir, with a brick-red hue, and a scent of cherry and raspberry. This particular bottle was a gift from the owner of the hotel Cindy and I stayed in during our first trip to Zlín, Czech Republic in 2007.

We’d been saving it for a special occasion and decided to open it today!

So, with the table set, and the boys wearing their fancy shirts, we sat down to our Thanksgiving dinner:

Thanksgiving Dinner

Alex and Adam ate very well and seemed to really enjoy the different tastes and textures set before them (except for the cranberries…Alex thoroughly rejected them!). Everything was delicious and the boys were very well behaved. Of course, Adam had a bit of a meltdown when we wouldn’t give him any wine. (Hey! He had his own grape juice!!)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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