New Year’s Eve

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…and we’re visiting once again with the boys’ Godparents, Chris and Sherrie. They’re here from Virginia to enjoy the warm Florida Christmas and I can’t say I blame them. This afternoon, the boys enjoyed some time in the pool with their “Godbrother”, Chase, and this evening the grown-ups drank a little beer and grilled-out some steaks…

Big Rig

After dinner, we headed down the road to the St Augustine Beach Pier to enjoy the New Year’s Eve fireworks…

Fireworks Fireworks

Chris and Sherrie Me and the Boys

We had a great time, and on the way home there were a couple of very tired little boys that looked like this…

Adam Out

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It’s New Year’s Eve and I took the family to a local Hibachi restaurant, or what the boys’ call “The Fire Place.” They think chopsticks are so cool…

Adam uses chopsticks

Alex uses chopsticks

Tonight, the boys’ enjoyed their favorite chef, “the one with the red hat”…who was in an especially festive mood and the sake was a-flowin’…

Dad drinks sake

of course, I had ordered sake with my meal, which in the end was totally unnecessary! And Cindy doesn’t even like sake…she was a good sport, though…

Mom drinks sake


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No, not the Bill Murray movie! Rather, “Pop,” the boys grandpa, taught the boys how to make the meatballs that we snacked on New Year’s Eve. Of course, he wouldn’t share the recipe for the secret sauce that makes these tiny morsels so mouthwatering good.


5-year-olds are a great source of free labor for stuff like this because they still think it’s FUN!

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