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Album Art

With the advent of CDs in the 90s, LPs quickly found themselves out-of-style. Hell, digital music is doing the same thing to CDs today. Still, there’s something appealing in the cover art of these relics and it seems a waste to relegate them to a box in the closet. So, I pulled-out some of my favorites, put them in a frame, (bought a bigger extension ladder) and viola…

Ladder Album Art

Here’s a closer look at the albums…

Abbey Road Aerosmith Boston
Chicago George Carlin Imagine
Johnny Rivers Live in NYC Neil Diamond Greatest
The Jazz Singer Pink Floyd Sgt Pepper
Steve Martin

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…Let’s go walkin’
And we’ll talk about some things
Kick my shoes off,
And we’ll dream about some dreams
Got to get away when the world
Gets on me

Kids in the park
Don’t take long before
I’m laughing along with them
Almost makes me think
Those times can come again
Gets me feelin’ good and yet sad
At the same time…
(Sunday Sun by Neil Diamond)

Adam runs

Alex runs to Mama Adam points

Adam kisses Mama Alex kisses Mama

Alex loves his Mama

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Neil Diamond is singing “Song Sung Blue” during a 1976 concert in Australia playing on DVD.  I’m “on shift” and Cindy is sleeping; Adam is asleep in the Pack ‘n Play in front of me (he’s the noisiest sleeper; I’ve never heard so many grunts, squeaks, sighs and peeps); and I can hear Alex on the baby monitor stirring in his crib (it’s just about time for him to get up and eat).

I’m sipping on a cup of coffee as I sit in this glider rocker with my laptop and peck on the keys.  Moments like this are rare these days and I’m enjoying the relative quiet.  Adam was a little fussy this evening, I think he had a bit of a belly ache, but he’s resting pretty peacefully now.  Alex, on the other hand, was just being a butt.  He didn’t want anything except to be held, and that includes sleep, which he resisted with all the might his little body could muster.  He finally succumbed to fatigue and literally passed-out in my arms.

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