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Nana and Pop came to visit for a few days. Mom is always sending me Wood Brother’s race cars because I’m such a fan. This time she brought a vintage replica of David Pearson’s 1971 Mercury Cyclone that he drove to victory in 11 out of 18 Winston Cup races in 1973…my favorite driver on my favorite race team!

Hurricane Matthew

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To kick-off the new year, the boys’ Godfather, Chris, and I took the boys on a road trip to visit the Daytona International Raceway Museum.

Dale at Daytona

While we were waiting for our tour to begin, we looked around the museum a bit and these clowns in front of the cut-away “Drive Petty” car…

Clown Car

The tour was pretty comprehensive and took us all around the track and down pit road…


We stopped for a bit at the start-finish line and walked up the 18-percent grade track for a photo-op…

Dad and Boys

Back aboard the tram, I got a quick picture of the new Grand Stand as we headed to the garage area and Victory Lane!

Grand Stand

In the garage area, we visited the auditorium where the drivers receive their safety briefing prior to the race. They played the safety briefing for us, which was interesting, but even more interesting were the photos on the wall depicting some Daytona history. Like this one of Donny Allison in front of the Wood Brothers #21 Mercury Cyclone (even from across the room, I can pick-out my racing team!)…

Donnie Allison

Then it was on to Victory Lane…


We had a blast!

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Wood Brothers Museum I like to pay a visit to the Wood Brothers Racing Museum every time we come back to Stuart. This was the boys first visit. They love race care and they had a blast. We even got to go into the back where they store the cars. This actually used to be a working garage until they moved the team to Charlotte.

And when you think of racing, you think of lollypops! In fact, they lost all interest in David Pearson’s Mercury, when the lady behind the counter offered them to the boys. Alas, tour’s over!

Wood Brothers Cars Lollypops

Just so ya know…this is Pearson’s ’73 Mercury Cyclone. This was his first year with the Wood Brothers and he was NASCAR’s Driver of the Year!

David Pearson's Merc

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You know when you’re a NASCAR fan when your kids go to sleep with a race car instead of a teddy bear…


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The boys absolutely love the Disney/Pixar movie, “Cars”…

They’ll sit and watch the entire movie; it’s the only thing they’ll sit still for for any length of time.

Watching Cars

Hey, NASCAR racing starts this week! Wonder what the boys will think of watching real-life “Cars”??

( One can only hope )

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