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The boys are 10-years-old today and Adam has already noted that he’s “a decade now.” Where has the time gone? Only a moment ago we were figuring-out the logistics of feeding two babies at the same time! It hasn’t always been easy, but we certainly have created some nice memories.

This year, they needed new bikes. Not only are they outgrowing their current rides, but like most boys, they’re pretty hard on those bikes, as evidenced by the dents, scratches, cracks, and tears decorating them. Each one tells a story, and like most boys, they love their bikes…

Birthday Birthday

Naturally, Mom is all over the “10-years” thing!


And this also marks the first year they boys had a regular cake. As you’ll recall, in previous years, they had a “cake of cupcakes” in the shape of their age, as seen here.


Happy 10-years, Boys!

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Like I’ve said numerous times, you can always tell what time of year it is by looking at our house…especially Christmastime. Each year, Cindy pulls down the 10s of boxes we have stored in the garage and attic, and creates a display that’ll bring back great memories for the boys’ in the years to come.

Christmas Lights

All I do is put-up the ladder, so she can climb-up on the roof to hang that wreath!

Christmas Lights

And naturally, she makes the house all Christmasy, too…

Christmas Lights

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“…but I gotta be a Daddy first!” At this age, Adam says I’m his best friend. I savor these moments because in the blink of an eye, he’ll be a teenager and Dad will be the a$$hole that WON’T EVER LET HIM DO ANYTHING FUN!

Drive Daddy's Truck

But he’ll come around again one day 🙂

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Today was picture day at school. Dressed in their little sweater vests, the boys are off to make some school-day memories. Naturally, Adam was all about it, but Alex didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Needless to say, another year has passed sans a school picture of Alex.

So, although we don’t have a school picture of Alex, here’s a “school day” picture. Alex is always better in “decisive moment” shots anyway…

Alex in the meadow

…mainly because he doesn’t know about them!

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