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It was kinda spur-of-the-moment when Cindy suggested we go see Thor: Ragnarok. Considering Mom rarely wants to see these superhero movies, the boys and I jumped at the opportunity, and with popcorn in hand, we settled into our cozy theater loungers…

Movie Night

Thor: Ragnarok is the next installment (fifth film) in “Phase 3” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (this is the period of turmoil and discord that occurs for our hero’s in the aftermath of Ultron’s attack on the Earth), and sets the stage for the battle with Thanos next year in Avengers: Infinity War. The movie was, in a word, “AWESOME”! I’m was in heaven!

And so were the boys…

Movie Night

Even Cindy liked it! 🙂

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Dr. Strange ComicSo I took the boys to see Doctor Strange, a movie I’ve been waiting to see for 40-years! It was AWESOME! Now, I’m having to dig-out my old comic books for them to see. Anyway, I’m reminded of my (much) younger days growing up in Florida. I remember walking in bare feet to the 7-11 with nothing more than a dollar bill in my pocket. The year was 1975, and that dollar was a veritable goldmine for a 12-year-old kid.

Comic books were a whopping 25¢! In fact, 1975 was the year prices rose from 20¢ and I railed to the heavens about the way Marvel and DC were extorting me. A Slurpee in a collectible Marvel cup was about 35¢ and penny candy was 2¢ (why we still called it “penny” candy is beyond me). So that dollar bill would buy me a comic book (or two), a Slurpee, and a bagful of penny candy. Sales tax was 4% then, so I essentially had 96¢ of purchasing power (Not that I ever thought of the tax on items back then. After all, I had a dollar and should be able to purchase a dollar’s worth of goods. I always felt a little ripped-off when I had to surrender 4¢ for a “tax” that produced no noticeable benefit for me).

Anyway, this happy reminiscence got me thinking: What would that dollar buy me at the 7-11 today? Let’s assume I went to my 1975 neighborhood 7-11 with my dollar and purchased:

  • 1 comic book (normally, “Doctor Strange” in those days): 25¢
  • 1 cola-flavored Slurpee (in a Marvel Comics cup): 35¢
  • 18 pieces of penny candy (Zotz, Pixie Sticks, etc) at 2¢ a piece, that’s 36¢
  • and 4¢ sales tax

Dr. Strange Comic Beast Cup Penny Candy

Today’s comic books are $3.99, Medium Slurpees are $1.50, and penny candy is 20¢. In 2016 dollars, my 1975 7-11 shopping spree would cost $9.09 plus 64¢ sales tax or 9.73 (an increase of 897%). Considering the buying power of my 1975 dollar in 2016 is only $4.49* (an increase of only 349%), it’s apparent that the value of my dollar hasn’t come close to keeping up with inflation. Today’s dollar would only be worth 22¢ in 1975.

It’s sad to think that my 2016 dollar wouldn’t even buy me a 1975 comic book.

*241.428 (2016 CPI)/53.8 (1975 CPI)

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Today, me and my buddies went to see, “Captain America: Civil War”. It was AWESOME! The boys LOVE Ant Man! Frankly. I like Black Widow…rest assured, the boys will come around in a few years, and will like her, too! 😉


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