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Today is Opening Day for the Spring Little League Baseball season! Alex didn’t want to play this season, as we’re still wrapping-up Basketball season, and he didn’t want to miss any games. But Adam (top row, second from the left) leans baseball and is playing for the Braves this year…

MSA Braves

Let’s see: Baseball, CHECK! Basketball, CHECK! Throw in a football and we’ve got it covered! 🙂

Adam Adam

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It’s a great night for baseball and Adam’s Red Sox are playing the Rangers. Adam steps up to the plate and stares down the pitcher (which is actually his coach manning the sling that pitches the ball).

Adam Swings

The ball is released and CRACK! Adam hits the ball right down the third base line, lands on second base for a double, and stretches it to a triple on an overthrown ball!

Adam Hits

Then Adam brings it home on a hit off the next batter!

Adam Scores

And that just made his night!

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Baseball season is coming to a close for the boys. The gators made the playoffs and finished 3rd. We had a great time this year and the boys skills improved considerably. Today, we cap-off the year with a picnic at the baseball park.

Alex swings away…

Alex swings Alex swings

and the trophy presentations. Adam is suitably nonchalant in his acceptance. No applause, please.

Adam accepts his trophy

Alex shows a little more enthusiasm…

Alex accepts his trophy Alex accepts his trophy

Can’t wait until next year! (or maybe…Fall ball :-))

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It’s another great Gator baseball day! The weather has been great these past few days and the boys have been itching to get back on the field. Alex was psyched as he got to play catcher today!

Alex Catches

After another win, the Gators head to the dugout for snacks…which is probably the only reason they come to play.



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Another great day of baseball! Adam is at the bat. The coach takes a wind-up and tosses the ball. Adam swings. CRACK!

Adam hits

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Adam Alex

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Well, the day has finally arrived! The 2015 season opener. The MSA Gators vs. The MSA Tigers! The boys are ready…

Alex Adam

After the pre-game photo-op, the boys head to the dugout with their equipment manager…

Equip Manager

The game was a lot of fun, which is exactly what coach-pitch baseball is supposed to be. The boys did well hitting the ball, but like the rest of the kids, still need to work a bit on their fielding.

Adam’s a ‘Lefty’…

Adam Bats Adam on base

and Alex is a ‘Righty’…

Alex Bats Alex on base

The highlight of the game (at least for Adam) was playing catcher…especially getting to wear the “armor”…

Adam the Catcher

Adam Catches

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It’s the first practice of the season. The boys are in coach-pitch tee-ball, and have been drafted, once again, to THE GATORS! It’s going to be another great year!!

Adam at practice Alex at practice

Adam and Alex at practice

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