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Wherein, the film is determined by the color of a lightsaber.

Blue Lightsaber Green Lightsaber

On New Year’s Day, me and the boys rang in the new year with the 1977 original theatrical release of Star Wars, or as Adam calls it, “the one where Luke Skywalker has a blue lightsaber.” This is not to be confused with Adam’s favorite Star Wars movie, “the one where Luke Skywalker has a green lightsaber,” also known as Return of the Jedi. Of course, I tried to explain to Adam that he had not actually seen this version of Star Wars (i.e. “Han shot first”, etc.), but I couldn’t convince him because Luke Skywalker still had a blue lightsaber. And there’s no arguing with that logic.

Adam Vader

“I sense a lack of difference in the films”

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On Friday night, the boys had their first experience with plastic model airplanes. Well, not exactly “airplanes”, rather X-Wing Fighters, and Luke’s X-Wing Fighter to be exact. Because, evidently, it makes a difference whose ship it is, as Adam wanted to know if this was “Luke’s” ship, or “Wedge’s”, or “Red Leader’s”. So, for the record, it’s Luke’s X-Wing (it even says it on the box).

Models Model Kit

Anyway, I did most of the building, while the boys just got in the way 😉 In the end, though, we had a lot of fun. Until Alex lost the little R2D2 out of his fighter and tried to take Adam’s. ( sigh )

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