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Autumn Leaves

Two weeks have passed since I left Cindy and the boys for Pennsylvania. I understand the weather in Mississippi has been very hot and humid (especially for October). Walking outside was described to me as breathing through a wet mop. I suppose that’s true when it’s 91° and the humidity index tips the scale at 100+ !

Quite the opposite here where the days are floating in the 70s and the nights drop into the 50s. It feels like autumn, and the leaves are changing. It’s beautiful country, and it’ll look even better when my family gets here!

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Alex Sleeps

This picture was taken just a couple of days before I left. Alex was restless, and I was rocking him to sleep. When you’re separated from your family, you find its the little things that come to mind–its the little things you miss the most. A simple moment such as this is worth its weight in gold.

Only 24 more days…

** sigh **

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