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Wherein, the film is determined by the color of a lightsaber.

Blue Lightsaber Green Lightsaber

On New Year’s Day, me and the boys rang in the new year with the 1977 original theatrical release of Star Wars, or as Adam calls it, “the one where Luke Skywalker has a blue lightsaber.” This is not to be confused with Adam’s favorite Star Wars movie, “the one where Luke Skywalker has a green lightsaber,” also known as Return of the Jedi. Of course, I tried to explain to Adam that he had not actually seen this version of Star Wars (i.e. “Han shot first”, etc.), but I couldn’t convince him because Luke Skywalker still had a blue lightsaber. And there’s no arguing with that logic.

Adam Vader

“I sense a lack of difference in the films”

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…were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic.

Jedi Battles

Before the Dark Times; before the Empire; before lightsabers were commercially available to Everyone.


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