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Today we visiting the Jacksonville Museum of Science and History. When I was a kid, this was known as “The Children’s Museum” and it’s still got a lot of exhibits and activities that cater to kids. One of my favorite exhibits was this dinosaur fossil that used to be positioned right at the entrance to the museum, but now has been relegated to some interior alcove.

I must admit that it seemed much, much bigger when I was a kid…


After our tour of the museum, we spent some time relaxing at Friendship Park, while enjoying the Jacksonville skyline.

Friendship Park

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I’m in Jax for a meeting, and dinner at the River Club…great view of the Main Street Bridge!

The River Club of Jacksonville

Next week, it’s back to my gloomy office in Virginia…

Abandon all hope

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Today is Halloween! I flew in late last night after spending an hour-and-a-half on the ground in Jacksonville due to weather in Atlanta. Fortunately, my flight to Gulfport was delayed as well, so I made it home just a couple hours late (about midnight). Cindy picked me up at the airport, and my buddy Chris (the boys’ Godfather) was there as well. After a brief visit while picking up my bags, I bid Chris farewell, and Cindy and I drove home. Angela, the nanny, was watching the boys, and left within a few minutes of our return. It was nice to be home again and reunited with my family. Of course, the boys were in bed, but I visited them while they slept and spent a few minutes simply enjoying the quiet sound of their breathing.

Now, it’s morning and the boys are up and about. Cindy has them dressed in their “My 1st Halloween” jammies and we were just playing together. It was heartwarming to see the excitement on their faces when they saw me! I was afraid they wouldn’t recognize me after being gone for a month…

Jersey ShoreJersey Shore

Life is good!

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