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Hard to believe, but were heading out on the water AGAIN! Today, we have Jess and Emilo and family, plus Kameran’s plus one. So, we’ll be taking out a pontoon boat…and this Sweatwater beauty means we’ll be riding in STYLE


Soon, the brood is onboard and we’re underway…


We don’t really have anything planned today. Just cruise up the St Johns into Jax and maybe we’ll spy a dolphin or two. It was great just to relax and enjoy the time together.

Mom and Dad

Alex Surfs Adam and Oliver

Jess and CJ

And of course, with all these mates, I don’t have to sit behind the wheel…

Adam Drives Kam Drives

And Cindy even get’s in a little Rodan+Fields work…what a GREAT office!

Cindy Works

We docked at the Jacksonville Landing, and walked around the restaurants and shops for a bit. Since it was Sunday, a lot of them were closed. Still, it was nice to get out and stretch our legs a bit, before climbing back on board and heading up the river to see if we could see some Dolphins.

Jax Landing

Emilo took the wheel as we headed under the Main Street bridge. While the kids kept their eyes open for dolphins, I just enjoyed the sunshine.

Watching for Dolphins

And it didn’t take long before we saw a entire POD!

Dolphin Pod Dolphin Pod

We were able to get pretty close as they swam alongside the boat.

Dolphin Close

After the dolphin show, we took Jessica Lorraine to see the Jessica Lorraine

Jessica Lorraine Jessica Lorraine

It was a great day! Everyone was a bit tired, but still wore a smile…except for those that were asleep!

Kam and Oliver

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Today, Cindy has her “Big Business Launch” for Rodan+Fields, so she wants us out of her hair. What better way is there to accomplish this, than to spend a day on the water??

Captain Crew

It’s a beautiful day and the boys take turns driving the boat…

Adam Drives Alex Drives

Coming into Jax, we see the drawbridge down to let a train cross the river, so we use the small boat span to enter The Landing…

Small Boat Span

We head-up the St Johns to the Jacksonville Landing for lunch (and some ice cream), then we walk across the Main Street Bridge to Friendship Park…

Dad and the Boys

The boys have a great time running around the park! Especially, “Super Alex”…

Super Alex

What a great day! One the way home, the boys succumb to fatigue and let the movement of the boat rock them to sleep…

Adam Out Alex Out

There’s NO WAY Cindy had as much fun as we did!!

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Today, Cindy has her “Big Business Launch” for Rodan and Fields, so what better excuse can there be for the boys and I to take out the boat. This time, we brought Charlie along!

Charlie Underway

This was his first time on the water for Charlie and considering the way he’s always itching to dive into the pool, I was a little concerned that he’d leap over the side at the first opportunity, but he was great…and really seemed to enjoy the water. And the boys loved having him along…

Alex and Charlie Adam and Charlie

We’re were heading up to Jacksonville and stopped for lunch outside the Naval Air Rework Facility at Jacksonville Naval Air Station. My dad actually worked here for a bit after he retired from the Navy.


After lunch, Adam took the wheel for a bit, while Alex and I enjoyed the sunshine.

Adam Drives

Finally, we arrive in Jacksonville. Charlie seems to be having the time of his life!

Charlie in Jax

We took our time coming back, skirting the coastline, and by the time we turned back for the marina, the boys were OUT! And Charlie and I just watched the approaching Marina.


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The weather has been so good this weekend and I thought the best way enjoy it was with another day on the water. Today, we departed from the Julington Creek Marina, and with a little throttle the boys soon have a blast maintaining their balance as the boat pops up-and-down. Adam says they’re surfing.


So, as we’ve done so many times before, we head up the St John’s to The Jacksonville Landing. Our destination? The ice cream shop! So, scoops all around…and a beer for me. 😉


One the way home, the boys got some driving in…

Alex Drives Adam Drives

Okay…now I can go to work tomorrow!

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Cindy and I had such a good time on the boat yesterday that we decided to take the boys to the Jacksonville Landing for lunch. As we enter the harbor and approach the Acosta Bridge, we notice that the Strauss Trunnion Bascule Bridge (rail) is down, which means there’s a train a-comin’.

The boys like waving at the engineer, who always waves back and blows the whistle (must be some sort of unwritten code among engineers…just like truck drivers).

Anyway, I turn the bow into the current to face the bridge with just enough throttle to keep us in place. Let the show begin!

Waiting for the train

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