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It’s Christmas Eve Day and Pop is taking the boys (and Charlie) out for a hike in the woods. He’s looking for dying or fallen trees to cut-up for firewood and showing the boys what to look for.

Hiking in the Woods Hiking in the Woods

There’s a lot of room out here.

Hiking in the Woods

Charlie is having a good time and has twice stolen Adam’s “walking stick”. He’s a character and everyone gets a kick out of watching him run, jump, and roll-around in the leaves.

Hiking in the Woods Hiking in the Woods

These are priceless moments.

Hiking in the Woods

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Today the Den 1 Tigers went on a hike to complete the requirements for their Tiger advancement. Each of the scouts had their hiking “essentials” in their backpack as we took off together through the forest, stopping at the edge of the St John’s River for a rest and a quick snack before moving on again.

A fun day!

Tigers in the Wild

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