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The picture says it all…

Adams Hat


I recently visited the Bass Pro Shop in Prattville, Alabama. Naturally, I bought a hat…not just one for me, I also picked-up a couple for the boys, and they really liked them!

Adam and Bass Pro Hat Alex and Bass Pro Hat

( I really just wanted my “Humpy’s” hat back )

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Alex hat Adam hat

Too cool. Fer rizzle!

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Nana, Pa, and Cousin Katie are visiting for a couple of weeks. We’ll be moving from the townhouse to a house closer to my work next week and they’ve come to give us a hand with the boys.

We’ll begin the transition next week, but for now, the boys are chillin’ with Pa and showing their school spirit. Alas, we’re a house divided when it comes to college football!

School Spirit

Still, I am the author of this blog, so…



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Cindy has the boys dressed and ready to venture into the February chill. She thinks the funny little hats are adorable, but I think they give rise to impressions of Medieval Court Jesters…

Funny Hats

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