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Alex is having fun on the walker…

Alex on the Walker

…of course, he doesn’t actually “walk”, but he does sit very well, and is highly adept at playing with the noisy buttons and knobs. And with Dad-powered propulsion, why would he even need to walk?

BTW: Those things on his legs are called “baby legs”, and it makes it easier for them to crawl on the floor. I imagine bare knees on tile can be a bit difficult for a baby, so I tolerate the baby legs.

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Splishing and a-splashing….

Alex Floats in the PoolAdam Floats in the Pool

The little “floaties” are pretty cool…I imagine it’s what an Egyptian pharaoh would’ve looked like floating down the Nile (minus the shades, of course :-)).

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…until we meet again!

Alex and Adam Squeal

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With our pending move to Italy in August, I decided to sell my Mustang. I coulda shipped it over for a couple grand, but alas, it’d be a little cramped for Cindy and the boys! So we’re taking the family truckster (Honda Odyssey), instead. After all, parents must be practical, right? (sarcasm intended) Of course, I coulda put it in storage, but coming back to it after three years just wasn’t too appealing. So, I listed it on eBay, and it sold in a couple of weeks. Not bad.

So, before the buyer came to pick it up, I dropped the top and took the boys crusin’ for chicks along the beach…

(but don’t tell Cindy!)


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Alex is touching me

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There’s nothing Alex enjoys better after a long day of babying than relaxing in front of the boob-tube…

Alex Kickin Back

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This evening the boys met their great grandfather (and namesake). The family had a big cookout for us, and Alex and Adam were the toast of the town! They were in heaven being held in someone’s arms all evening long! 🙂

Alex and Adam with Great Grandpa

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Adam gives a big yawn while kickin’ back with his Nanny, Miss Hannah…

Adam and Hannah

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Alex Chillin

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I think Alex is up to something…


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