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Summer is almost here, so time for some cooler (as in temperature) haircuts. Adam normally keeps his hair short, but Alex likes his hair longer (this time it was just about to his shoulders). Anyway, surprisingly, Alex opted for a nice conservative haircut, while Adam went with a flattop.

Alex short hair Adam's flattop

Handsome boys! And Adam looks a little like Howie Long.


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Today the boys got the MVP at the local Sport Clips. This is actually one of the best franchises for Vets (per the Franchise Business Review) and is recognized as the “Official Haircutter” of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. So, I like going there, and the boys don’t mind it too much, either…

Alex at Sportclips Adam at Sportclips

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The boys got much-needed haircuts today, and after returning home, just before dinner, they engaged in an exploration of telephone technology…

Jedi Mind Games

Remote Control

Tasty Apple

Captions courtesy of BigHugeLabs

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