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No matter what his age, a boy always enjoys visiting his grandpa…or great-grandpa!

Sitting on the porch

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Today, Cindy and the boys visited Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway…

Marby Mill

Evidently, Great-Grandpa had stroller duty…

Great-Grandpa on stroller duty

Look at this bug; we can eat that, right?

Alex and Adam in the field

Mommy and her boys…

Mommy and her boys

Ready for a ride in the wagon, only there’s no horse to pull it (Obviously, Alex doesn’t know that yet :-))

Alex and Adam in the wagon

It was a long day, and the boys are plum tuckered out…

Tuckered out

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This evening the boys met their great grandfather (and namesake). The family had a big cookout for us, and Alex and Adam were the toast of the town! They were in heaven being held in someone’s arms all evening long! 🙂

Alex and Adam with Great Grandpa

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