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It’s hard to believe the twins are 9-years-old! I can remember the day they were born as if it were yesterday! Cindy’s blood-pressure shot up the day before and it wouldn’t go down, so Dr. Christy scheduled the c-section for early the next morning. The procedure was quick and by early afternoon the boys were whisked off to the neonatal ICU (in a different hospital) as a precaution. Cindy only got to see them briefly before they were loaded in the ambulance for the trip across town. After about 24-hours both boys were thriving and we got to bring them home soon after. Then we didn’t sleep for a year! 😛

We sleep a lot better now, of course, and the boys are a lot of fun. Their birthday this year was a simple affair, with a few friends joining them yesterday afternoon at Rebounders, then coming to the house for pizza and cake…

Birthday Party

As usual, they each get a cake…

Birthday Party

This morning, they awoke to their presents, which featured a home-made toy train from “Poppy”…

Toy Train

and each was hauling 9 gold dollar coins…

Toy Train Toy Train
Toy Train Toy Train

And if that wasn’t enough, Mom and Dad got ’em brand new iPads…


All-in-all, not a bad birthday. I guess turning 9 is pretty great! When I turned 9, I think I got a toy Thompson sub-machine gun and a Partridge Family album. I shoulda put the Partridge Family on their iPads!

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No, not the Bill Murray movie! Rather, “Pop,” the boys grandpa, taught the boys how to make the meatballs that we snacked on New Year’s Eve. Of course, he wouldn’t share the recipe for the secret sauce that makes these tiny morsels so mouthwatering good.


5-year-olds are a great source of free labor for stuff like this because they still think it’s FUN!

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Today, the boys received the neatest gift from their “Poppy”…a pair of home-made wooden tractors with trailers.

Tractors Tractor Play

Twins for the twins 🙂

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Nana, Pa, and Cousin Katie are visiting for a couple of weeks. We’ll be moving from the townhouse to a house closer to my work next week and they’ve come to give us a hand with the boys.

We’ll begin the transition next week, but for now, the boys are chillin’ with Pa and showing their school spirit. Alas, we’re a house divided when it comes to college football!

School Spirit

Still, I am the author of this blog, so…



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One day left in Nana and Pa’s visit. We spent it at Warminster Park; the boys love the playground, especially the slides and the swings…

Pa pushes Alex and Adam on the swings. Looks like they really got airborne; Alex get’s really tickled at that…

Alex on the swing Adam on the swing


Alex slides, while Nana is very overprotective…

Alex slides

Adam slides, while Nana waits overprotectively, as usual 🙂

Adam slides

Adam climbs the stairs. He wants to grow-up so much, and refuses to take the stairs on his hands-and-knees…

Adam takes the stairs

Alex considers what to do next. Where’s Nana?

Alex considers what to do next

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