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Alex hat Adam hat

Too cool. Fer rizzle!

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I was talking to Cindy yesterday and the boys were screaming in the background. Not really screaming, mind you, they weren’t upset, rather, they were simply enjoying the sounds of their voices. Anyway, Cindy put me on “speaker” and I said, “hello” and asked what all the excitement was about. Then, silence. The boys were staring at the phone and probably wondering how in the world daddy got in there…

Adam on the phone
Photo caption compliments of BigHugeLabs.

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Adam and Alex

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Adam Yells

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Alex SleepsAlex Sleeps
Alex SleepsAlex Sleeps
Alex Sleeps

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or McGarrertt & Danno…

Miami Vice

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The tee-shirt says it all…

Teething Bites

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Here’s a little something for every dad that, in the wake of a screaming child, ever looked at his wife and thought, “I didn’t ask for this…”

All Daddy Wanted was a Blowjob

Yes, that is printed on a tee shirt….

and yes, the twins are wearing them…

Twins and tee-shirts



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The Hair!

Kinda looks like Adam got his finger stuck in the light socket…

Adam's Hair

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