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As has become a tradition with Mom and the boys, October begs for a visit to the pumpkin patch. This year’s visit was a local establishment and Alex encountered one of his friends from school–Mackenzie. Where’s Dad? He’s not much of a fan of pumpkin patches…although his favorite Peanuts cartoon has always been The Great Pumpkin. Weird.

Hay Bail

Pumpkin Patch Stand-ups

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…and no one is happier than Charlie!

The boys invited their friend and neighbor Dominick to join them in the water today. These kids play great together and have loads of fun playing baseball, hockey, Star Wars, video games, etc. so on…

The pool is open

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The boys birthday is still a few days away, but we took advantage of the weekend to have a party for them with friends and family (some of whom had to travel to get here).

Jess, Kameran, and Nick arrived early, along with Nana and Pop…


My brother Dave and his family came a while later…

Me and Dave

Aunt GiGi and Uncle Bob, and friends Mike and Mandy came, too. Naturally, the boys EACH have their very own birthday cake made out of cupcakes shaped into the number “4” because they’re twins and we can’t have just ONE cake…

Birthday Cakes

This is the best thing about cupcakes…

Adam and Alex eat their cupcakes

Before the evening ended, and since everyone would be returning home tomorrow morning, we snap a family photo…who knows when we’ll all be in one place together again!

The Whole Family

The boys had a blast, and so did we!

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Getting ready for the big feast today with friends and family. First, we’re converting the Big Green Egg into a blast furnace to superheat the coals for the Thanksgiving turkey! (don’t tell Cindy, but I needed to use her blow-dryer)…

Big Green Egg Blast Furnace

Dinner is about done, and as with all large family gatherings, the kids enjoy each others company at their very own table…

Thanksgiving Kids

I’m the last to fix his plate…

Fixing My Plate

We almost didn’t have enough room at the dining room table…actually, we didn’t have enough room, which is why the kids had their own table!

The Gang

Dig in!

Dig In!

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This year we spent our Thanksgiving holiday with the boys’ Godfamily, Chris, Sherrie, and their little boy Chase (a.k.a. Billy the Kid). We took-off Wednesday afternoon for the 4-hour drive south.

The dinner was fantastic and much, much more was available than we could possibly eat. We’re going to spend another day here before we head back up to PA.


It was great to see our friends again and the boys (dubbed “The Angry Men” by Chase) had a blast playing with their “Godbrother,” Billy the Kid…

The Angry Men and Billy the Kid

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There’s a little girl that lives up the street, her name is Paige. She and her brother, CJ, often come to the house to play with the boys. Quite surprising, really, considering they’re quite a bit older than these two-year-old twin boys. Anyway, they’re good kids and the boys love it when they come to play…

Who’ll get to the ball first?

Who else?

I can’t push the swing fast enough for Alex…his giggles intensify with the speed and height of the swing!

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