First Day of School

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Well, the Summer Vacation is officially over and it’s the first day of THIRD GRADE! The boys must be getting more mature because neither one of them gave Mom a hard time about taking any pictures this morning. Very proud of them. 😉

1st Day of School 1st Day of School

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Back to school! Alex is in Ms Stanton’s class and Adam is with Ms Markle. Alex wasn’t to happy to leave his summer behind, but he eventually came around. Adam, on the other hand, was excited in being in Ms Markle’s class, as he had personally requested she be his teacher. Funny.

Alex first day of school Alex first day of school

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…as a 5TH GRADER! I can remember like it was yesterday when Baby Kam was pulling all of my DVDs out of the rack and spreading them all over the floor. Now, she’s such a smart and pretty young lady…her mom says she can still make a mess, though. 😉

Kams First Day at School

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Today the boys started Kindergarten!

Adam first day of school Alex first day

Mommy was sad…

First day of school

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The boys started pre-K today and are dressed and ready to go! Adam is pumped about riding in the school bus!

Alex First Day Adam First Day

And from the looks of it, the first day was EXHAUSTING…especially for Alex!…

Alex and Adam exit the bus Alex is out


Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man!

First Day of School