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Today was our last day at Disney. Jess and Kameran are flying in to Tampa this afternoon, and we’ll be meeting in Sarasota to spend a few days together visiting family. The boys we sleeping pretty well, so we weren’t up as early as we were yesterday, getting off to a later start. We had a mid-morning breakfast at the Shades of Green restaurant, and were off to “Animal Kingdom”…

Animal Kingdom Entrance Boys Waiting

At Animal Kingdom

First things first, we made our way to the “Festival of the Lion King” show. Fortunately, we made it there just a few minutes before the show was due to begin, so there was really no time for the boys to meltdown ;-). Once inside, they were a bit antsy, but as soon as the show began they settled down. In fact, they really got into the audience participation stuff, making elephant noises and holding out their arms like a trunk. I was surprised that they liked the show as much as they did.

Next we put our names on the fast-track list for the “Kilimanjaro Safari” and went to see the “Finding Nemo Musical”. Evidently, sleep was catching up with the boys because they crashed for about 40-minutes in the stroller…

Sleeping Boys

The Nemo show was about 40-minutes long, but the boys, for the most part, sat still and watched the show. Although as far as Disney shows go, it certainly wasn’t one of my favorites. We got out with just enough time to make the Safari, which was the boys favorite event of the day…


Dad and Alex on Safari

Alex and Adam after the Safari Family Safari

We had a good time, but it was getting late and everyone was starving-hungry. We had dinner at “Pizzafari,” then made our way to the park’s exit.

One last look, as we cross the bridge…

Animal Kingdom

And we were off to Sarasota.

The drive wasn’t too bad. The boys slept a good portion of the way and we made it to the condo in under 2 hours. Jess and Kam were at their Poppy’s waiting for us to arrive, and he drove them over and visited for a bit before heading home. It’s gonna be nice to unwind for a few days!

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