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Poor Alex! He was doing just great at the pumpkin patch. Then CRASH! He’s complaining about his throat hurting, and the poor little guy is miserable. Cindy feels his head, and he’s burning up, so it’s off to the emergency room! They were originally going to admit him, but the xrays confirmed that he could submit to some at-home monitoring.

Thank goodness!

All-in-all, he was a very good patient…with an assist from the iPad (and a nebulizer)!

Alex Waits Alex on a nubulizer

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Today is the Twin’s birthday. Adam began his celebration early by cracking open his melon and taking a trip to the emergency room. Not surprisingly, he took four stitches in his head…

Adam cracks his head

not that it seemed to bother him too much: He actually slept through the procedure!

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